Township Of Ramara – Special Meeting Of Council Of The Township Of Ramara

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Review of the Township of Ramara Official Plan

All residents of Ramara are invited to attend a Special Meeting of Council, on Monday June 26 at 7:00pm, in the Council Chambers, Township of Ramara Municipal Office, 2297 Highway 12, Brechin held pursuant to Section 26(3) Planning Act RSO 1990.

Purpose of the Meeting: The Township of Ramara, along with EcoVue Consulting Services Inc., is performing a Review of the current version of its Official Plan, as required by the Planning Act. The purpose of the Special Meeting of Council is to discuss any changes that may be required due to changes to Provincial Policy, the Planning Act, the County Plan, or changes in the local environment (social, natural, economic, etc.) since the current the Plan was written. The Official Plan Review affects all lands within the boundary of the Township of Ramara.

The Review will be conducted over 16 months. Two Public Open Houses, as well as one Community Roundtable will be announced, as part of ongoing community engagement for the Official Plan Review. Township Council will also hold another Statutory Public Meeting towards the end of the third quarter of 2018 to hear final recommendations for changes to the Plan. Notice of all Public Open Houses, Roundtables, and Statutory Public Meeting will be provided.

Any person can attend the Special Meeting and/or make oral and written submissions advising Council of changes that they believe to be required to the Official Plan. All feedback that is offered by the public will be considered in the Official Plan Review. The Special Meeting provides an opportunity for the public to speak to changes that may be required in the Official Plan.

Purpose of an Official Plan: An Official Plan provides general land use policies and mapping to facilitate decision making by Council, public agencies and private interests with regard to the use and development of land within the Township. Official Plans provide general development policies relating to residential, industrial, agricultural, aggregate, etc. land uses. The current Official Plan can be viewed online at or in person at the Township office from 9:00am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Written comments may be forwarded to the lead Planner responsible for the file, Kent Randall, by mail at EcoVue Consulting Services Inc., 311 George Street North, Suite 200, Peterborough, ON K9J 3H3 or by e-mail at no later than Monday June 19, 2017.


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