I hereby certify that during the municipal election held on October 27, 2014, for the offices listed below, the certified candidates received the votes that follow their respective names: Office Candidate Votes —————————————- Mayor Basil CLARKE 2,157 Bill DUFFY 1,383 Arnold GUETTLER 37 Shannon O’DONNELL 1,565 —————————————- Deputy Mayor Mandy DAVISON 1,004 Mike HARRINGTON

Low Flying Planes In Lake Simcoe Area

Tuesday, 11 November 2014 by

Low-flying planes in Lake Simcoe area… Our Lake Simcoe (ourlakesimcoe.com) FYI for Lake Simcoe residents: For about 3 weeks starting tomorrow, you may notice low-flying aircraft around Lake Simcoe (100-160 metres from the ground). These aircraft are acquiring imagery of the shoreline for the purposes of updating mapping to support shoreline and fisheries management, which