Our mission is to protect the environment of Lake Simcoe and the Ramara Creeks sub watershed. Support the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan by increasing environmental awareness and concern in the Ramara Creeks sub watershed. Promote the health of the watershed through education and stewardship with the goal of reducing phosphorus inputs from urban and rural sources, restoring fish and aquatic wildlife habitat and addressing nearshore toxic and nuisance algae growth. The Association was formed by a group of concerned property owners who were fighting to protect the environment from developers who lacked overall concern for existing property owners, waterways, birds, wildlife and wetlands. The group realized it was time that a strong public voice had input into the planning and development of our community. The organizers adopted a set of objectives as the basis of founding the North Mara Beach Residents Association. The Association is a non-profit organization, managed by a board of directors elected by the members at their annual meeting.

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There are many challenges facing our lake requiring that property owners have their say. The proposed developments at Starport Marina and Strawberry Island are ongoing. In order for NMBRA to continue to have the resources to effectively represent property owners’ interests, we need your support.


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